A Note From a Friend (a short story from Hatch Magazine)

I’d like to say I wrote the story you’re about to read, but I didn’t.  Nonetheless, I wanted to share it here for you readers to enjoy.  The author, a gentleman named Todd Tanner, did a fantastic job in this tale that he wrote in tribute to his father who lost a battle with cancer at the age of 59.  Seeing how my own 50th birthday is visible on the horizon, I can relate to this story and how we begin to view things differently when our own mortality is realized.  It is only then that many of us will begin to slow down and live in the moment rather than dwell on the past or future.  Anyway, be sure to give the story a good read and don’t forget to check out the rest of Hatch Mag’s website while you’re there.  Tons of good info.  So kick back, light that Rocky Patel cigar you’ve been saving, pour a good bourbon over some ice and click the link below…


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