The New Bite Fishing Kayak From the Crew At Jackson Kayak…

So you really want to get into kayak fishing but are either limited on funds or are having a difficult time convincing your spouse to let you spend money on a four digit price tag.  You don’t want to settle for a department store kayak because quality, stability to stand while casting that 8wt fly rod and easy paddling are all important to you.  Not to mention you’d like a kayak that is made in the USA and doesn’t weigh more than the quarter of beef you’ve got in your freezer.  Well look no more.  The crew at Jackson Kayak has been knocking it out of the lake the past few years when it comes to designing new fishing kayaks.  The past couple of years they have brought us the Coosa HD, Mayfly and Coosa FD among others.  I’ve owned each of these models in the past (still own the Coosa FD) and can attest to how great they paddle.  Plus each of them is super stable for us fly anglers to stand and do some sight fishing.  So it was no surprise to me that when Jackson set out to design a boat with all of the characteristics of the more expensive models but with a smaller price tag, they would hit the mark with style.  Don’t be surprised if you start to see a lot of anglers paddling the new Jackson Bite this spring.  With the features it offers and at a price most of us can appreciate, I think they’ll be a big seller.  To see the new Bite and all it offers, check out the complete walk through video from Jackson below.  If after watching the walk through video you want to see it in person or get one on order, give my friends at Moving Waters Outfitters ( a call as the Bite should start shipping to dealers real soon.

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