Tying Up the Zudbubbler

I consider myself a total newb when it comes to fly tying, since I’ve never really spent enough time at it to get better.  So when I look for a new pattern to whip up, I look for flies that will fool the fish species I’m going to chase and are fairly easy to tie.  Enter the Zudbubbler by Matt Zudweg.  Matt is a Michigan fly fishing guide with Feenstra Guide Service, as well as owner of  Boneyard Fly Gear.  I’ve only been on one guided fly fishing trip and Matt was my guide those two days.  It was a fantastic steelhead trip and I will post that story up soon, but for now back to the Zudbubbler.

As I mentioned earlier, the Zudbubbler is fairly easy to tie.  Matt sells some of the materials on his website, or you can get it all from the fellas at Moving Waters Outfitters. Both Matt and MWO sells a tool called “Zuddy’s Leg Puller” for inserting the rubber legs through the foam and I can’t stress enough how helpful that tool is for that part of the process.  Definitely buy it if you can, it’s worth the extra eighteen bucks.

The great thing about this fly is that you can make the tails and bodies of the fly with just about anything you have on hand.  Experiment with colors and materials while exercising your imagination.  Rather than me give you written instructions on tying the fly, below is a video of Matt himself tying up the fly.  Give it a try and see if you can use it in your arsenal this summer.  I know I will be casting the Zudbubbler at some Indiana bass this year.

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