Tying the Barr’s Meat Whistle

On a recent stop in to my favorite fly shop, Moving Water Outfitters, I asked shop co-owner Mike Exl for some suggestions on an easy to tie fly for an upcoming adventure. A Canada fishing trip with my brother is written on my calendar for this coming summer and I hope to catch some smallmouth bass as well as northern pike on the fly.

Mike suggested a fly I had never heard of before, the Barr’s Meat Whistle. This fly is unique in that the recipe calls for a jig hook. This set up gives the end result a more prevalent jigging action. Also the point of the hook will ride upwards so getting caught on things such as logs or rocks is less likely. Hearing Mike describe the fly was enough to sell me. I bought all of the materials I would need, and then some, and was on my way.

A few days later I found time to site at the vise and give the Meat Whistle a try in between sips of coffee. By the way, I suggest you periodically check your coffee for stray clumps of rabbit hair when tying this fly. You can probably guess how I came to that brilliant conclusion. I clamped a hook into the vise and gave it a go with the help of the below video. The video, one of many great fly tying videos from Tight Line Video, was easy to follow and I had my first Meat Whistle tied up in no time. Yeah, I crowded the eye of the hook a little bit, but lesson learned and I’m looking forward to both tying up some more Meat Whistles in various color combinations and hooking one into a fat Canadian smallmouth.

Barr’s Meat Whistle

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