More Fletcher Approved Fly Fishing Podcasts

Not quite a month ago I posted up an article listing some fly fishing podcasts that my dog Fletcher and I enjoy listening to. They ranged from the serious and educational to the humorous and comical. Well, Fletcher and I were sharing a beer the other night and he brought a couple of things to my attention.

First, in my original post I had forgotten (hey, I’m getting old, give me a fricken’ break) to list a podcast that we’ve been listening to quite a bit lately. It’s been getting some serious air time in the truck while driving to the next fishing hole. Brown Trout & Bridge Beers by 3bt Media should have been on my original list and I will edit said list to include it. If you like listening to fly fishermen sit around a table discussing all things fly fishing related and drinking cheap beer, this is a podcast you’ll want to check out and add to your playlist. Fletcher and I raise a cold can of Hamm’s to the fellas at 3bt Media for their hard work and look forward to upcoming episodes.

Secondly, since I wrote my last article concerning fly fishing podcasts, the infamous Hank Patterson has started his own podcast and Fletcher says our readers need to check it out. Many of you know Hank from his humorous YouTube videos and of course his podcasts have been just as funny. I mean c’mon, I think we can all relate to a guy who drinks Rolling Rock beer in a tall can and eats ranch flavored Corn Nuts on air. Oh and by the way, Hank is still looking for a sponsor for his podcast. Shoot him an e-mail if you’re interested before the local gas station adds him to their cheap beer drinker pro staff. You can find podcast episodes, videos, swag and more here at Hank Patterson Your Fly Fishing Guide

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