WORTHY WATCH: The Dorado with April Vokey

It’s no doubt that many of you, if not all of you, have a bucket list of fly fishing destinations, species, self imposed goals, etc. I’m sure some of you have catching a Golden Dorado on said list and I wouldn’t blame you. There’s just something about the way a Golden Dorado looks when being held up out of the water with a large streamer pattern fly hanging from its toothy jaws or the way these beasts leap through the air when hooked. No doubt the appeal of chasing these fish is strongly enhanced by the places they are found, the more remote the better. Getting to the fish is no easy task as is evident in this week’s WORTHY WATCH.

April Vokey needs no introduction, unless you’re a total newb to fly fishing. She’s traveled the world over and done much to promote fly fishing. In “The Dorado” April takes an amazing journey to Bolivia that puts her in some serious South American backcountry. The video not only shows some fantastic scenery and fly fishing that many of us will only dream about, but it tells a wonderful story as well. Enjoy.

The Dorado with April Vokey

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