WORTHY WATCH: A Visual Poem of Trout Fishing by Aaron Peterson

Near my land in the upper peninsula of Michigan there is a little “river”…a stream by most people’s standards…that flows through the Northwoods. It’s the type of place where the brook and brown trout eagerly take a copper colored wooly bugger, roll casts are essential and the water is the color of sweet tea. The smell of pines and the sound of drumming grouse are ever present. It’s a place where cell phones are left in the truck, a 3 weight rod is at home and time stops long enough for one’s soul to replenish the energy that every day life seems to drain from us. Sure, there are better waters nearby to fish but there is no other spot in all the universe that captures my spirit and heart like “my place”.

This week’s WORTHY WATCH isn’t a video of the above mentioned water. What it is, however, is a video that reminds me why I enjoy fly fishing and exploring the places trout call home. It also makes me long to point the truck north once again. Enjoy.

A Visual Poem of Trout Fishing

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