WORTHY WATCH: Hammock Hangin’ How-To PART 1…Essentials for Noobs by Shugemery

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room. Yep, this video has nothing to do at all with fly fishing. After a little hiatus and much contemplating, I’ve decided I’m going to take this blog in a slightly different direction. I have a bajillion hobbies and interests that revolve around the outdoors, and I’ve decided I want to write about them all, not just fly fishing. So I’m going to mix it up and write about whatever inspires me that particular day. One day I might write about backpacking and the next day I might be writing about hunting with a longbow. Toss in a little kayak fishing (with and without a fly rod), duck hunting and boating…well, you get the picture. Hopefully there will be something for everyone and I’ll entertain you with my charm and wit. Hey, it could happen. Anyway, on to this week’s WORTHY WATCH…

When I first watched my brother set up his hammock in deer camp, I thought he was a nut. “No way I could ever sleep in one of those” I thought. Then one day I was offered the chance to review a hammock for a company. I figured now was the chance to try one and agreed. From the minute I first climbed into the hammock I knew I would never again willingly sleep on the ground. My tent days were over. The hammock was super comfy and nowadays I would rather sleep in my hammock than our Sleep Number bed at home. Since that first day I’ve become the owner of numerous hammocks, tarps, top and under quilts and backpacks. I’ve met and camped with friends from the Hammock Forums, backpacked an island in Lake Superior and listened to wolves howl in northern Minnesota. All because I discovered an interest in hammock camping. If you’re even remotely interested in hammock camping, I urge you to check out the forums and the infamous Shug. Shug, known as Sean Emery in the real world but Shug or Shugemery on the hammock forums or YouTube, has a ton of information on his YouTube channel to get you started. So, if I’ve sparked your interest at all in hammock camping, watch the below video. You’ll learn something and as with all of Shug’s videos, you’ll be entertained! Enjoy.

Info for the hammock camping newbie

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