WORTHY WATCH: Ruffed Grouse Hunting-Adventure Awaits by Project Upland

Lately my brain has been obsessed with chasing ruffed grouse. Problem with that is I live in northeast Indiana where grouse are virtually non existent. Oh, there are tales of ruffs being found on public properties along the Pigeon River near the Michigan-Indiana state line or in the hills of southern Indiana, but you’re chances of sharing a campfire with Betty White are greater than ever seeing the almighty “King of Gamebirds” in the Indiana woods nowadays.

So when the urge to walk through the aspen while listening to a dog bell jingle strikes me I have to resort to online forums, an occasional trip to the Upper Peninsula, some classic reading before bed, or YouTube videos. That’s how I came across this video by Project Upland. What’s more intriguing, more traditional or more satisfying than the idea of a hunting camp in the Northwoods? Not much. Enjoy the video and hope to see you in the popple stands soon.

Ruffed Grouse Hunting-Adventure Awaits

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