WORTHY WATCH: Indiana Bones-Bahamas Fly Fishing by Todd Moen

I’m always fascinated by articles, pictures or videos of anglers who venture out on a mothership trip. If said anglers are fly fishing or fishing from kayaks, well that’s even better. Taking a large boat out to secluded fishing spots allows adventurous anglers to get further away from the crowds and pressured areas. While some motherships are just a fast boat used to transport anglers out to their spots, bigger motherships are used as a floating lodge. Anglers can fish all day and only need to come back to the boat for dinner and sleep. There’s no need for the mothership to head back to land each night. Everything the angler and crew need to survive for a week are on the boat, thus allowing the guides to take clients further and further into the back country.

Being fascinated with these kind of trips, I was glad to come across one of Todd Moen’s latest videos for Catch Magazine The guys stay on a mothership and, using stand up paddleboards to access the skinny water, chase bonefish and other species (including a shark on a topwater fly). Mr. Moen’s ability to turn these adventures into video style stories is legendary and some of my favorites.

If you’re like me and the thought of a mothership trip gets your heart pumping, you’re going to really enjoy this one. Sit back, crack open a cold Corruna with a slice of lime and imagine the warmth of the sun on your face as you enjoy this week’s Worthy Watch.

Indiana Bones

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