Upcoming Event…The Heartland Kayak Fishing Summit (Feb. 14-23, 2020)

Unlike states such as Florida, Hawaii, California and other ocean side states Indiana was originally a little slow to embrace kayak fishing. Ten years or so ago fishing from small plastic boats started to gain in popularity at a slow but steady rate. However, the past five years has seen the numbers of kayak anglers fishing Indiana waters absolutely soar through the roof.

Due to the sport’s popularity, Moving Water Outfitters (my favorite fly shop in the entire world) has created the Heartland Kayak Fishing Summit (HKFS). The inaugural HKFS will be part of the ever popular Indianapolis Boat, Sport & Travel Show that is held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds each year. Representatives from Jackson Kayak, Native Watercraft, Bonafide Kayaks and Old Town will be on hand to answer your questions, show off new their new products and help you demo that new kayak you’ve got your eyes on. That’s right, you’ll be able to test paddle (or pedal) the latest models in the demo pool that will be part of the Moving Water Outfitters booth.

Cure for Cabin Fever

Don’t need a new kayak (whatever, everyone needs a new kayak, but I’ll humor you)? Well still swing by the Moving Water Outfitters booth for special show only deals on various kayak fishing gear, clothing, etc. The folks from MWO know their stuff and will treat you right.

Demo a new kayak!

Also, the Indiana Kayak Anglers (IKA) will have a booth and be part of the HKFS as well. IKA holds kayak fishing touraments throughout the state and they’ve grown to the point that many of their tournaments have a cash payout of hundreds and often thousands of dollars to the winners. If you’re competitive and think tournament fishing from a kayak sounds like fun, you’ll want to stop by their booth for more info.

Indiana Kayak Anglers tournament

That all being said, there’s more! If you’ve never been to the Indianapolis Sport, Boat & Travel Show plan on staying the entire day and bring your wallet, checkbook, credit card, second mortgage on your home, first born child, etc and pick up some discounted fishing gear from the numerous vendors on hand throughout the show. Be sure to bring your significant other and kids as there’s something there for everyone.

For more information on the Heartland Kayak Fishing Summit and the Indianapolis Boat, Sport & Travel Show check out Moving Water Outfitters at mwoutfitters.com See you there!

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See you there!

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