WORTHY WATCH: The Midnight Mission by Gilbert Rowley

A couple of guys I know, and fellow members of my local fly fishing club, have made many trips north to Michigan during the fall salmon run to swing flies at the big brutes. I know lots of fly anglers that do that each year, but what sets these two apart are their tales of fishing at night. From what they tell me the salmon are more active and less apt to be spooked from the sight of a bumbling fly fisherman (aka me). They’ve invited me along the past year or two, but I have yet to make the trip and need to put it on my to do list if for nothing more than sheer curiosity. I simply want to see someone catch fish on a fly at night. Especially big fish.

With that inquisitive mindset, it’s no surprise that this week’s Worthy Watch caught my attention. Besides being just a great story of some buddies going fly fishing, it’s a brilliantly done video of the fellas casting to trout in…you guessed it…the dark. Not just any trout either mind you, but some really BIG brown trout. A big brown trout is numero uno on my fly fishing wish list of species I’ve yet to catch. I’m not too proud to admit that I giggle just thinking of holding one in my hands while standing in the middle of a northern Michigan river while the sun comes up.

So yeah, give The Midnight Mission a watch and if you like it, be sure to share it with your fishing buddies. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll convince them to don their waders instead of sitting on the couch watching football. Enjoy.

The Midnight Mission by Gilbert Rowley

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