About The 8wt Fiasco


If you’re reading this, you must have found this site and wondered to yourself “What in the hell is the 8wt Fiasco?” Well, simply put, it’s my way of sharing and documenting my transformation from a run-of-the-mill fly angler to the fine tuned fly fishing ninja master that I’d like to be one day. Or something like that anyway.

As you’ll see in future posts, I do most of my fly fishing from either a kayak or a 1972 StarCraft Super Sport boat that used to belong to my late grandfather, Skip. You’ll hear about Grandpa Skip from time to time, I’m sure. I like to think I’ll be giving you a bit of an average Joe perspective on all facets of the sport. If you’re like me you desire to learn as much as you can not just about casting a fly rod or fly tying, but also the people and places that make up the world of fly fishing. My plan is to share some inspiring pictures and stories of fly fishing locations that some guys might only dream of (while others think nothing of visiting numerous times a year), such as chasing big northern pike in Ontario or redfish along St. George Island, Florida. Yet, there will also be humble stories of a morning spent casting to bedded bluegill at the local gravel pit or stalking spooky carp in a nearby duck pond. We’ll also take a look at, and this is my favorite part, the crazy cast of characters that I’ll come across as I wade through the deep pools and tide flats that make up the fly fishing universe. Along with my own writings, I plan to share a lot of content from the vast amount of material one can find on the world wide web that I personally find entertaining, educational or both. Let’s explore it all and leave no proverbial stone unturned, shall we?

Fly fishing culture is something I find fascinating and intriguing, yet mind boggling and intimidating at the same time. From my vantage point, it appears to be a never ending lesson in a sport that is full of grace, beauty, success, defeat and often times humiliation. There are so many ups, downs, ins and outs that when everything does come together just right it can be downright magical and a hell of a good time. Whether it’s watching a trout sip a dry fly off the surface of an upper Michigan stream, feeling the pull of a hooked steelhead as she makes a final desperate run or seeing a brute of a redfish lunge after a fly you tied yourself that morning…well…I am in love with it all. Since I feel so strongly about it, my desire to learn more about the sport and share what I learn with others is only natural. I hope you’ll enjoy The 8wt Fiasco and who knows, maybe we’ll meet up on the water some day. I certainly hope so.