About The 8wt Fiasco

If you’re reading this, you must have found this site and wondered to yourself “What in the hell is the 8wt Fiasco?” While “The 8wt Fiasco” is a tale that I’ve yet to tell, The 8wt Fiasco is also the name of this blog that you’ve discovered.   It is my outlet to write about my thoughts and experiences in the outdoors, and to share them with you the reader. Nothing more, nothing less. 

While the main focus of this blog will be the ever enchanting sport of fly fishing, I’m going to toss in quite a bit of non fly fishing related material as well. You know, other rubbish. I have too many other interests worth writing about that it would be a shame to not include them here as well.

Personally, there isn’t much to tell about myself. God, family, my Labrador retriever and the outdoors…in that order. That’s how I tend to sum myself up usually. For me personally hunting and fishing is much more about being out in the outdoors, and becoming a part of it, as it is about filling the freezer. This blog is for those of you who agree. Enjoy.


Fat guy with a walley on the fly (nice rhyme, huh)