WEEKLY WATCH: The Dorado with April Vokey

It’s no doubt that many of you, if not all of you, have a bucket list of fly fishing destinations, species, self imposed goals, etc. I’m sure some of you have catching a Golden Dorado on said list and I wouldn’t blame you. There’s just something about the way a Golden Dorado looks when being […]

Sticker Junkies Unite!

I don’t know what it is about fly anglers and our love of stickers. For some reason I just can’t get enough stickers to cover my fly boxes, filing cabinet in my den, truck window, inside my locker at work, etc. and it seems to be a common addiction among us fly flingers. So when […]

WEEKLY WATCH: DayDream by Michael Harris

Seeing how I just returned home from chasing redfish in the saltwater marshes of St. George Island, Florida, I figured this video Michael Harris made 4 years ago would be perfect for this week’s Weekly Watch. It doesn’t get any better than chasing tailing redfish on a saltwater flat from a kayak with a fly […]

Tying Up the Zudbubbler

I consider myself a total newb when it comes to fly tying, since I’ve never really spent enough time at it to get better.  So when I look for a new pattern to whip up, I look for flies that will fool the fish species I’m going to chase and are fairly easy to tie.  […]

Free Beginner’s Guide to Fly Tying PDF

I recently came across this free Beginner’s Guide to Fly Tying in PDF form that is from the Southern Wisconsin Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  Pretty basic and helpful little book for anyone just starting.  It also includes a basic materials list as well as a hook conversion table.  Oh, and for those of you in […]