Sticker Junkies Unite!

I don’t know what it is about fly anglers and our love of stickers. For some reason I just can’t get enough stickers to cover my fly boxes, filing cabinet in my den, truck window, inside my locker at work, etc. and it seems to be a common addiction among us fly flingers. So when […]

Shakespeare & Duct Tape

“Do you know where Grandpa’s fly rod is?” I asked my grandmother. Grandpa had passed away four months ago and I was hoping to look at his fly-fishing rod and reel. Being the only fly angler in my family, I was probably being a bit presumptuous, but I assumed the rod would go home with […]

WORTHY WATCH: DayDream by Michael Harris

Seeing how I just returned home from chasing redfish in the saltwater marshes of St. George Island, Florida, I figured this video Michael Harris made 4 years ago would be perfect for this week’s WORTHY WATCH. It doesn’t get any better than chasing tailing redfish on a saltwater flat from a kayak with a fly […]